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Reliant slings come in a wide array of styles to meet a variety of client needs. The divided leg sling is a secure, easy-to fit general purpose sling, designed for the majority of sling users. Use the divided leg sling for residents who are totally dependent, partially dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy or have limited head control. Use this sling when transferring the resident from the bed to a wheelchair, recliner or showerchair or from the floor to a bed. The large opening also accommodates toileting. This versatile sling provides full head and neck support and can easily be removed or applied to a resident in a seated or supine position. The solid fabric has extra padding for residents with delicate skin.


New supportive back and contoured headrest are easily inserted or removed from wheelchair while patient is seatedExcellent for all transfers, especially toileting and bed to chairFully paddedThree support straps on each side for safety and security


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