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  • The Carex Crosstour Rollator Rolling Walker provides mobility assistance for increased independence. The lightweight aluminum frame has a sleek side-folding design for convenient storage and transport. This Carex walker has adjustable height, which means you can stand up straight while walking with assistance. It has locking brakes for safety. It has a bonus cane holder, so you can switch with ease when needed. The large storage bag can be removed and carried with its strap. The large 8″ front wheels make maneuvering more manageable. It has a 300-lb capacity and a padded seat, so you can sit down if necessary. You will appreciate this walker that will allow more mobility in your life.

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  • The Carex Knee Walker offers mobility for those suffering lower leg injuries and ailments. The Knee Walker can be quickly broken down for transportation and storage. The Handlebars and seating area are height adjustable. The high quality padded seat is made for long term use as well as the solid supporting frame.

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  • With a sturdy steel frame, the Carex Wheelchair with Flip-Back Arms, Foldable Back, and Swing Away Footrests is ready to safely take you wherever you need to go. By collapsing the medical chair horizontally flat and folding down the back, this chair is highly portable and the ideal companion when you’re on the move. Additionally, the rear wheels can be easily removed with a convenient push-button, disengaging the quick-release axle and making the chair approximately 10 lb lighter and much smaller to fit in a variety of vehicle trunks. This manual wheelchair also functions perfectly as a transport wheelchair when letting a caregiver push from the handles on the back. Equipped with an 18.5 in. padded seat, padded back, supportive nylon upholstery, and padded armrests, this wheelchair is a comfortable ride no matter where you decide to go. Purchase your Carex Wheelchair today to keep yourself independently on the go and safely mobile:

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  • The Upeasy power seat provides a boost for those who need extra help standing up from a seated position. Its cushion is comfortable and accommodating. It will fit on most dining room chairs and it can also be used on armchairs, benches, couches or other seats. The Uplift Technologies Upeasy power seat has controls on both sides and features easy-to-use ergonomic handles. It has a removable cover for easy cleaning: simply remove it and wash it with your laundry. The cushion is made of easy-to-clean polyurethane and can also be wiped clean with a washcloth. This home health care product has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, making it ideal for larger users. Go from sitting to standing with minimal effort.

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